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From the aesthetic point of view among creation of human beings vastu shastra is important and high ranked. In fact, Vastu shastra is most charming, amorous and pleasant and it is possessed by its permanent value and most attractive elements of human civilization.

Its importance has been explained in the Indian civilization thousand years ago. According to it before constructing our house, hotel, factory, office, clinic, hospital, restaurant, inn or temple etc. We should know (go through) the five elements and do the construction accordingly so that one gets PEACE, PROSPERITY & HAPPINESS.

These five elements are as below :

1. EARTH 2. FIRE 3. WATER 4. AIR 5. SKY (space)

Our body is made of these five elements and therefore in this whole process vastushastra has been very much advantageous.

Many people do not know this but when they are aware, they make changes in their houses which involves financial cost as per the advice of the Vastu Consultant.

Therefore it is our humble attempt to create awareness towards yourself, the real and basic principles as well as all the directions, elements and proper planning. If necessary after making minor changes and getting natural gift, get the advantage of PEACE, PROSPERITY & HAPPINESS.


Several things to be noted carefully considering while going in for construction of a building. The most important of all these is selecting the right plot or site. Sand and its surroundings bring peace and harmony or pains and sorrows in life. Thus it is always advisible to consult an expert on Vastu Shastra before buying a plot or purchasing a house, flat or other buildings instead of calling him in at a later stage to design the building to supervision and other work. By the time the damage would have already been done.


According to Vastu Shastra, a plot or site of land should not purchased:

  1. From those who became Insolvent
  2. From person suffering from leprosy
  3. From lunatics
  4. From people who have left the country, etc.

Similarly, land donated to temple, allotted to watchman of village or colony, land in possession of charitable trusts, land without any time deed shouldn’t be purchased. Land containing boulders, ant hills, worm hills, bones and skeleton etc, should not be acquired.


Plot facing East is good for scholars, philosophers, priests, professors, teachers etc.
Plot facing south is good for those in power, administration and those who work for government.
Plot facing north is good for business class and for those who work in business organization.
Plot facing west is for those who provide supporting services to the society.


This is most important. If the surroundings are not good, we suffer in many ways.

Plots which are fertile with plants and greeneries are very good.

A river or big canal nearby and if it is in North side and water flows from west to east, it is good. Similarly if it is on east side of the plot with water flowing from south to north, that is also good. But plots with rivers or canal flowing on west or south side of the plot should be avoided.

Hills, hillocks, mounds of Earth, big boulders etc. on the Southern, South West and Western sides of the plot is good: in other sides, it will make the progress.

There should be no graveyard, cemetery or tomb adjacent to the plot or in front or back.

Locations of temples near the plot also affect the inmates. Temple on the right side of a plot cause material loss on the left, grief and sorrow, in front, obstruction to progress and in the 100 feet apart, those disastrous result are avoided.


If there are obstructions of the under noted types before main gate of the plot, following problems may arise as per BRAHUSANHITHA.

1. Big Tree-obstruction to the progress of children.
2. Open well-mental problem.
3. Corner of another building- mental unrest.
4. Water drain-draining of income by unwanted expenses.
5. Straight street-affecting longevity of inmates.
6. Dilapidated house or walls-affecting prosperity.
7. Staircase railings-sadness.
8. Pillars; Electric and telephone post-affecting females.

Similarly, if the distance between the obstacles and the house is two times the height of the house, these deficiencies will have no effect. For example, if the height of the house is 11 feet and if the obstruction is more than 22 feet away, Vedh vanishes.


The surroundings of our neighboring houses on all directions also affect us.

*Rain water falling from the roofs of neighbors should not flow into our plot particularly from North or East direction.

*The affluent of neighbor should not flow into our plot.

*In the North East side of the plot high-rise or tall buildings should not be there because such high rise buildings give rise to mental unrest. But if they are in South, South West or Western sides that will be auspicious to the buyer of the new plot or house.

*In between two neighbouring big plots, a smaller plot should not be purchased. Similarly between two tall buildings, a small house should not be bought. This will make the buyer poorer day by day.

Vastu Tips for House

1. Main entrance door should be taller as compared to door of inside rooms.
2. The main door should be superior in quality as compared to the rest of the doors.
3. Main door should be fixed on the left, opening inside.
4. The main door should not be obstructed by any three, pillar, status etc.
5. The main door should not be in front of main gate as whatever comes in can go out easily and can result in loss of wealth.
6. The best shape for the bedroom is rectangular shape.
7. The master bedroom should be in the upper storey of the house in the South or South-West portion of the house.
8. The floor level of the master bedroom should be slightly higher than the level of the rest of the apartment/house.
9. The master bedroom should be used by married members of the house only and not by children or single people.
10. The door of the bedroom should be well maintained. It should not make noise while opening.
11. The bed should be in the Southwest portion of the bedroom. Sufficient room should be provided around the bed, particularly in the North or East for       free movement.
12. Dressing table should be in North or East of your bedroom, not opposite to the bed or the door.
13. A defective Air Conditioner or a Fan which makes noise while operating should be repaired immediately as it can cause distress in a couple’s       relationship.
14. Never keep broken mirrors in the bedroom as this is considered unlucky for the couple.
15. Never allow the mirror to reflect the bed, as it suggests the presence of a third party. If you can’t help this, then keep the mirror covered during       sleep.
16. Pooja room should not be in the bedroom. If you have no other place for the pooja room, cover the pooja corner with thick curtains.
17. Do not keep photographs of dead people in the bedroom.
18. Stairs should ascend clockwise.
19. The total number of doors and windows should be even. For instance in numbers of 2, 4, 6 etc. there should not be zero in the number.
20. For South facing house, South-East portion is preferable for position of the door window.
21. For making doors windows, same kind of wood should be used.
22. 2 windows on either side of the door are favorable.
23. Window should not be placed at the extreme end corner of a wall. Keep it 4” to 6” away

Vastu Tips for Office & Factories

First of all an ideal site, free from any of Vastu defect should be selected. After selecting the site, in designing a lay-out for industry and providing for utilities special attention should be paid for the following aspects.

1. The sloping of floors should be towards East, North and North-East. More open space should be left in the East and North side.

2. Building’s height can be equal in all sides; otherwise south and Western sides should be in height as compared to East and North.

3. Well, bore well underground reservoir, sink, pools, swimming pools etc. should be located in Northeast or zone, preferably between Mid East and Northeast. Be located in Northeast or Eastern zone, preferably between Mid East and Northeast.

4. Stair cases should always be provided in Southwest, north west, and west south east part of the building.

5. Overhead water tank may be erected in middle of west or south west. Its height should be more than that of buildings height in North East corner

6. Toilets may be placed in Northwest or Southeast. Northeast corner should be strictly avoided for this purpose.

7. Weigh Bridge or weighing machines may place in Northwest or Central East.

8. Parking of heavy vehicles like trucks, tractors, trolleys or cranes etc. should be on the roads outside or if it is to be inside, they should be parked in     Southwest zone.

9. Cycles, scooter, cars, light commercial vehicles can be parked in Northwest, North or East side of buildings. Northeast should always be free from any     parking of vehicles.

10. Lawns with big avenue trees can be developed on South and West sides.

11. Small lawns with fountains etc. (without big trees) can be developed in Northeast, North and East also. Here only small plants can be grown.

12. Administrative and other office blocks can be constructed in North, East, South or South West

13. Staff quarters may be built on East without touching East wall, in North, West or Southeast.

14. Staff canteen may be placed in Southeast.

15. Guard Room should be placed near gates in such an advantageous position so that the guard can see approaching persons, vehicles etc. without       any obstruction. Northeast direction should be avoided for a guard room or security cabin. For East facing gate the security office should be on       Southeast side of gate, and for North facing gate if should be on North West side.

16. Time office should be placed near gate for entry for workers but not the South direction.

17. Heavy plants and machineries should be erected in West, South and Southwest zones leaving the North West and Southeast corners. North East       and center of the building should be avoided for placing heavy machineries

18. Light and auxiliary machines, work equipments and tools can be placed in Eastern and Northern sides except in Northeast, North West and South       East corners.

19. Generator, boilers, ovens, oil fired or electric furnaces, switch gears, capacitors, transformers, control panels, smoke chimney etc. all should be        located in Southeast.

20. Heavy raw materials stores may be placed in Southwest, South or West.

21. Semi processed materials can be stocked in South or West sides.

22. Finished goods stores, packing and forwarding can be in Northwest, or in Southeast. Northwest is preferable. Northeast should always be avoided.

23. Maintenance workshop may be in South, South West avoiding Northeast and center. Maintenance and consumable stores should be corner should be       built and maintained neat and clean No material should be stacked here.

24. A temple (even a small will do) in the North East corner should be built and maintained neat and clean. No material should be stacked there.

25. Toilets in the administrative building or in other parts of factory or mill should be made in Southeast or Northwest area and if septic tank is to be built       for that purpose, it should be built in between North and Northwest or between East and Southeast.


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